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OMEGA is a renowned Swiss watchmaker, it was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by Louis Brandt. The manufacture know-how as a watchmaker is proved across its collections. OMEGA watches most of the time offer good value for your money. OMEGA fame has been raised by being James Bond's watch. OMEGA has a long history in watch craftsmanship, from its origin back in 1848. For more than a century this renowned manufacture, located in Bienne (Switzerland), has perpetually searched for the peak of precision, technical innovations combine with disruptive designs. The brand's OMEGA distinguished 170th anniversary manufacturing timepieces was reached in 2018. From 1983, OMEGA has joined the Swiss Swatch Group. OMEGA leading wristwatches enclose the recognizable Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph alongside with the notorious Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph Watch and the Omega Planet Ocean 600M. The Brand has been making innovative in-house automatic movements like the Omega 8400 Master-Co-Axial and the Omega 9300 Master-Co-Axial. OMEGA OMEGA wristwatches have been worn by many famous personalities that include Prince William, Dennis Quaid the actor or the NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

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When you wear a quality timepiece it shows a clue of a more professional and accomplished individual, ready to face and surmount any issues the day might bring, uniquely and more than any other item you can wear, wristwatches have their own charisma that enhances its owner. Therefore the correct timepiece on your wrist is one of your best statement about yourself. Today a OMEGA Seamaster timepiece is more than a timekeeping accessory, a watch on your wrist gives you class and style that boosts your confidence, and when you wear one of your famous watch it reminds you of your accomplishments. If you are not wearing a OMEGA Seamaster wristwatch you're you miss out on something special.. After decades of craftsmanship and technological innovations in the watch industry, the SWISS MADE label is the best mark of quality and heritage. As a result refined individuals are ready to pay high amounts to wear a luxury SWISS MADE watch. Watches manufactured in Switzerland are so precisely crafted by expert watchmakers the time it takes to manufacturer them is a lot longer than mass-produced wristwatches. Timepieces produced in Switzerland have become synonymous with outstanding quality and stature. What you are paying is the level of expertise and the time it takes to construct a SWISS MADE timepiece.

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Timepieces are an excellent gift for a person for someone close to you for multiple reasons: OMEGA Seamaster watches are unforgettable presents for special occasions such as the birth of a baby, Anniversaries, or a key milestone in life Timepieces are a personal gift that always holds the significance expressed by the person who made this special gesture when you offer OMEGA Seamaster watch you are giving the symbol of time gifting a wristwatch is a unique way to express to somebody special that you care about them and you are wanting to be present in their life watches are one of the special gifts that can be used day-to-day You will not found greater enjoyment than gifting somebody who will use it and appreciate it like a OMEGA Seamaster wristwatch.

Timepieces produced in Switzerland have become synonymous with quality and distinction after many decades of excellence and technological discoveries in the industry, the label SWISS MADE is definitely the best sign of high quality and standards SWISS MADE watches are so flawlessly assembled by master watchmakers the production time is significantly longer than mass-produced wristwatches what you are paying is the degree of expertise and the time it takes to create a SWISS MADE watch discerning individuals are willing to pay high prices to own one of them

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean James Bond Quantum Of Solace Limited Edition

The prime distribution channel of OMEGA Seamaster timepieces are the Brand's network of authorised retailers. In regards to pricing, all offical dealers need to stringently abide by OMEGA's directions for the recommended list price. OMEGA standardizes its price list across all retail outlets for lots of reasons. In addition to reducing unhealthy competition among its official retailers, OMEGA's main goal of making prices the same across the board is to make sure that all OMEGA Seamaster watches value the very same across the globe. Moreover, this procedure is also targeted at preventing the tradings of the watches at unreasonably reduced prices, particularly doing so openly. This leads us to another crucial topic, discounts. This an exciting subject in the watch market, in which OMEGA is categorized as a luxurious Swiss watch manufacture.

OMEGA Seamaster wristwatches are highly readily available throughout the world by way of a substantial network of authorized merchants, making them convenient to obtain compared to several other watchmakers. The stock of watches has actually meet the demand, this implies that there is no shortage of OMEGA Seamaster watches on the marketplace, as clients can quickly get them at OMEGA shops. Additionally, if your needed OMEGA Seamaster timepiece is not actually available in a store, the watch company can quickly get it for you from another store.

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OMEGA has an unquestionable heritage as a watchmaker, from its foundation back in 1848 when it was established by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, OMEGA watches symbolize a long legacy of quality and innovation. In 1932, OMEGA became the main timekeeper of the Olympic Games of Los Angeles, and they continue to be the official Olympic timekeeper around the world consolidating the Swiss watch manufacture reputation In 1948, OMEGA produced one of their very popular watch collection: the OMEGA SEAMASTER series. Delivered in the course of the watch manufacture's 100th anniversary, the OMEGA SEAMASTER transformed into of the primary series of the brand and is still considered as its flagship design to this day Another well-known OMEGA watch collection is the OMEGA SPEEDMASTER which was created in 1962. This watch design gained the distinction of being the very first wristwatch to reach earth Orbit when it was worn by NAZA pilot Wally Schirra throughout the United States NASA Mercury Sigma 7 mission.

What makes Swiss watches expensive is the expertise and the time it takes to construct a SWISS MADE timepiece. SWISS MADE watches are so accurately crafted by expert watchmakers the production time is significantly longer than mass-produced wristwatches. After decades of workmanship and horological inventions in the industry, the label SWISS MADE is the best sign of quality. It's no wonder that sophisticated people are ready to pay whatever it costs to acquire a SWISS MADE timepiece. Wristwatches manufactured in Switzerland have become a symbol for outstanding excellence and prestige.