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OMEGA has an unquestionable pedigree in watchmaking, from its establishment back in 1848 when it was founded by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, OMEGA watches have a long history of quality and innovation. In 1932, OMEGA came to be the certified timekeeper of the Olympic Games of Los Angeles in California, and they continue to be the official Olympic timekeeper throughout the world consolidating the Swiss watchmaker reputation In 1948, OMEGA produced the best best popular watch collection: the OMEGA SEAMASTER series. Introduced in the middle of the watch company's 100th anniversary, the OMEGA SEAMASTER became of the primary series of the brand and is still looked at as its flagship design to this day A further popular OMEGA watch collection is the OMEGA SPEEDMASTER which was presented in 1962. This watch model acquired the distinction of being the very first watch to go into Space when it was used by NAZA pilot Wally Schirra throughout the United States of America Mercury Sigma 7 mission. What makes Swiss watches expensive is the expertise and the time it takes to create a SWISS MADE timepiece. Watches made in Switzerland are so precisely assembled by expert watchmakers the time it takes to produce them is significantly longer than mass-produced wristwatches. After decades of excellence and horological inventions in the watch industry, the label SWISS MADE is without doubt the ultimate indication of quality. It's no surprise that discerning individuals are willing to pay high prices to wear a luxury SWISS MADE wristwatch. Watches produced in Switzerland have become a symbol for outstanding excellence and prestige.

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An element to take into account when you purchase an pricey OMEGA wristwatch is what you can anticipate to get back for your watch, later if you need to resell it. As for OMEGA Seamaster watches, they are not inexpensive items when in relation to some other brands. It is an understood reality that essentially all new items endure wear and tear, consequently declining in value in time, OMEGA Seamaster timepieces also lose value after they are bought from an official OMEGA store. Yet, the basic principle of supply and demand has certainly resulted in some exceptions with some OMEGAtimepieces. These exceptions generally apply to exclusive release models or attractive in short supply limited editions timepieces. In facts, not all watches made by Swiss brands keep their secondary market value well over time. However, in this review, our discussion will be narrowed to OMEGA models. It is worth bearing in mind that how a OMEGA Seamaster wristwatch holds its value on the pre-owned market place depends on many different considerations. What is next are a number of the points that we are going to review. Type of watches : Some OMEGA wristwatches are more acclaimed than others, affecting their pre-owed value based on the principle of supply and demand. Condition: The value attached to a pre-owned OMEGA Seamaster watch greatly depends upon its present-day aspect. Age: The purchases date of your OMEGAwristwatch is also a great part of its valuation. Certifications papers and Accessories: The certificates and other features like the accessories and boxing that came with your OMEGA timepiece participate to its present value. Limited editions, not so limited : Some limited editions of a timepiece are not really so exclusive when the quantities produced reach 5,000 to 10,000 products or more. Although these numbers may seem rather little, they are close to the number of sales of a single wristwatch produced by a watchmaker in a year. When a watch company produces excessive of a so-called "limited" edition, resale values drop and approach the rate of the standard edition.

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When you are wearing a high end watch it provides a hint of a more professional and competent individual, ready to address and overcome any issues the day might bring, uniquely and more than any other item a man can wear, watches have their own character that enhances its owner. Therefore the correct watch could be the biggest statement about yourself. Today a OMEGA Seamaster watch is not just a timekeeping device, a watch on your wrist can give you a class that boosts your confidence, and when you are wearing a acclaimed timepiece it reminds you of your achievements. If you have not discovered the effect of a OMEGA Seamaster watch you are you missed on something unique.. After a century of craftsmanship and technological innovations in the watch industry, the SWISS MADE is without doubt the greatest symbol of quality and heritage. As a result astute people are willing to pay high prices to own a SWISS MADE wristwatch. SWISS MADE wristwatches are so meticulously assembled by master watchmakers the production time is significantly longer than mass-produced wristwatches. Watches made in Switzerland have become a standard for quality and heritage. What makes Swiss watches expensive is the expert skill and the time it takes to create a SWISS MADE timepiece.

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The primary distribution means of OMEGA Seamaster timepieces are the Brand's chain of authorised retailers. In regards to sell prices, all offical dealers need to strictly stick to OMEGA's instructions for the recommended list price. OMEGA normalizes its price list across all store outlets for numerous reasons. In addition to minimizing detrimental competition amongst its official sellers, OMEGA's main objective of making prices the identical across the board is to ensure that all OMEGA Seamaster watches cost the same across the globe. Moreover, this method is also focused on preventing the tradings of the watches at unreasonably sold at discount prices, especially doing so openly. It will take us to another key subject, discounts. This a highly-charged subject in the watch industry, in which OMEGA is categorized as a luxurious Swiss watchmaker. . OMEGA Seamaster watches are largely readily available throughout the world with a large network of authorized retail outlets, making them as easy to obtain compared to various other watchmakers. The production of wristwatches has actually meet the market volume requirements, this means that there is no scarcity of OMEGA Seamaster timepieces on the market, as consumers can rapidly get them at OMEGA stores. Moreover, if your needed OMEGA Seamaster model is not actually readily available in a store, the brand can rapidly order it for you from another store.

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OMEGA Seamaster is respected by experts and also connoisseurs for being an exclusive watch brand, which developpes outstanding models, which has a long history in the market. OMEGA is acclaimed for pursuing accuracy and reliability in timekeeping. One in particular, the holy grails in this field of watchmaking is a very low-friction escapement. So that it is no surprise that when prominent English watchmaker George Daniels designed his extraordinary co-axial escapement, OMEGA successfully been able to mass produce it. The OMEGA Speedmaster line managed a turning point with its subsequent development. Introduced in 1963 and powered by the hand-wound caliber 321 (column wheel), the ST 105003 is the precise design that was provided and evaluated by NASA. Honoring an order for chronographs put in October 1964, Omega's representative for The United States and Canada provided the wanted number of OMEGA Speedmaster ST 105003 to NASA, without understanding precisely what their usage would be and without notifying headquarters in Switzerland. After these tests, the timepiece was certainly adopted by space people. The year 1959 saw the appearance of a new version of the Speedmaster: the CK 2998 design. The initial needles were changed by Alpha needles. The CK 2998 was chosen in 1962 by the astronauts of the Mercury program. One of them used it during the Mercury-Atlas 8 (Sigma 7) objective, making it the first Speedmaster ever to be worn in space, 2 years before the well-known tests that made the Speedmaster the official watch of NASA for all its manned space operations.