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Wristwatches are the perfect gift for somebody with a special place in your heart for a number of reasons: OMEGA Seamaster watches are eloquent gifts for special events such as birthday celebrations, Anniversaries, or a key milestone in someone's life Timepieces are a personal gift that forever keeps the significance expressed by the person who made this special gift when you chose to give OMEGA Seamaster timepiece you are offering the materialization of time gifting a wristwatch is a great way to remind somebody that you care about them and you would like to be present in their life timepieces are one of the rare gifts that can be worn every day You will found no greater satisfaction than making a gift to someone who will use it and appreciate it like a OMEGA Seamaster wristwatch.

Timepieces produced in Switzerland have become synonymous with quality and distinction after many decades of excellence and technological discoveries in the industry, the label SWISS MADE is definitely the best sign of high quality and standards SWISS MADE watches are so flawlessly assembled by master watchmakers the production time is significantly longer than mass-produced wristwatches what you are paying is the degree of expertise and the time it takes to create a SWISS MADE watch discerning individuals are willing to pay high prices to own one of them

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OMEGA has an impressive pedigree in watchmaking, starting in 1848 when it was established by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, OMEGA models represent a long heritage of quality and innovation. In 1932, OMEGA became the accredited timekeeper of the Olympic Games of Los Angeles in California, and they proceed to be the official Olympic timekeeper all around the globe strengthening the Swiss watch brand reputation In 1948, OMEGA launched the best eminently popular watch range: the OMEGA SEAMASTER series. Launched during the watch manufacture's 100th anniversary, the OMEGA SEAMASTER came to be of the important models of the brand and is still looked at as its flagship model to this day An additional famous OMEGA wristwatch line is the OMEGA SPEEDMASTER which was presented in 1962. This watch design earned the prestige of being the first watch to go into Space when it was worn by NAZA pilot Wally Schirra during the NASA US Mercury Sigma 7 mission. What makes Swiss watches expensive is the expert skill and the time it takes to construct a SWISS MADE watch. Watches made in Switzerland are so carefully assembled by expert watchmakers the time it takes to produce them is much longer than mass-produced wristwatches. After a century of workmanship and horological advancements in the watch industry, the SWISS MADE label is without doubt the greatest sign of outstanding quality. As a result sophisticated individuals are ready to pay a premium to wear a luxury SWISS MADE timepiece. Watches manufactured in Switzerland have become a standard for quality and stature.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean James Bond 007 Limited Edition

The principal diffusion channel of OMEGA Seamaster wristwatches are the Brand's network of authorised retailers. In terms of sell prices, all offical sellers must strictly stick to OMEGA's directions for the recommended list price. OMEGA normalizes its prices throughout all reseller outlets for numerous reasons. In addition to lowering harmful competition amongst its authorized stores, OMEGA's main goal of making prices the same across the board is to guarantee that all OMEGA Seamaster watches value the very same worldwide. Additionally, this practice is also aimed at preventing the sales of the watches at unreasonably reduced prices, specifically doing so publicly. It will take us to another essential question, discount prices. This an intriguing subject in the watch trade, in which OMEGA is categorized as a luxury Swiss watch manufacture. .

OMEGA Seamaster models are highly sold throughout the world via a big network of authorized dealers, making them as easy to obtain compared to various other watchmakers. The manufacture of watches has probably matched the market volume requirements, this implies that there is no rarity of OMEGA Seamaster timepieces on the market, as customers can rapidly get them at OMEGA stores. Additionally, if your fancied OMEGA Seamaster model is not currently available in a store, the watch company can quickly get it for you from another shop.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Limited Edition James Bond 007 Quantum

OMEGA Seamaster is recognized by watch experts and also connoisseurs for being an exclusive watch brand, which makes outstanding products, and that has a long history in the market. OMEGA is celebrated for pursuing accuracy and reliability in timekeeping. One in particular, the holy grails in this field of watchmaking is a remarkably low-friction escapement. Thus it is not a surprise that when popular English watchmaker George Daniels built his extraordinary co-axial escapement, OMEGA successfully managed to mass produce it. The OMEGA Speedmaster line managed a turning point with its subsequent development. Introduced in 1963 and powered by the hand-wound quality 321 (column wheel), the ST 105003 is the specific model that was delivered and tested by NASA.

Honoring an order for chronographs put in October 1964, Omega's representative for The United States and Canada provided the preferred number of OMEGA Speedmaster ST 105003 to NASA, without knowing exactly what their usage would be and without informing head office in Switzerland. After these tests, the watch was definitely adopted by space people. The year 1959 saw the launch of a brand-new variation of the Speedmaster: the CK 2998 model. The initial needles were changed by Alpha needles. The CK 2998 was chosen in 1962 by the astronauts of the Mercury program. One of them utilized it throughout the Mercury-Atlas 8 (Sigma 7) mission, making it the first Speedmaster ever to be worn in space, two years prior to the well-known tests that made the Speedmaster the main watch of NASA for all its manned space operations.

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OMEGA is a luxury watch brand from Switzerland, it was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by Louis Brandt. The manufacture craftsmanship in watchmaking is revealed across its collections. OMEGA wristwatches repeatedly provide good value for money. OMEGA fame was increased by being James Bond's watch. OMEGA has a rich history, starting in 1848. For over a century this acclaimed brand, located in Bienne (Switzerland), has always pursued the greatest accuracy, ground break innovations combine with powerful designs. The brand's OMEGA honorable 170th anniversary designing timepieces was reached by the brand in 2018. Since 1983, OMEGA is part of the Swiss Swatch Group. OMEGA popular wristwatches encompass the recognizable Omega Seamaster Railmaster Watch beside the enviable Omega Speedmaster Racing and the Omega Co‑Axial Master Chronometer. The Brand has been manufacturing impressive in-house movements such as the Omega 8511 Master-Co-Axial and the Omega 3330 Co-Axial. OMEGA OMEGA timepieces have been worn by several distinguished people including the Soviet Union president Mikhail Gorbachev, the Academy Awards winner Tom Hanks or the American astronaut Buzz Aldrin.